March 1  2015
We're in the studio creating more rock. Stay tuned.

Sept 1  2014
"Punk voice of the God," "Pretty wonderful," "An epic flaming bonfire of monumentality," The Noise reviews our new EP, but be's not ALL peaches and cream.
Read it here

Sam played some songs on WEMF radio the other day.
Listen here

Daykamp Music turns their lens onto Answerman.
See the photos

Our new ep featured in The Deli

Check it out

March 2  '2012

Answerman is in the studio.
We got a small goats mouth full of brand new songs and we got an itchin' to bring em' to ya. Keep your eardrums to the ground. Our brand new EP is due out late spring!

December 20 '2012
Read the review of our song Jungle Seed.
"...the grunge evident in Answerman’s sound isn’t physical dirt, it’s a certain sense of poise and stature that makes this band sound so righteously grimy...."- CD On Songs
Read the review

September 29th '2012
Answerman rocks the Boston Local Music Show with a punishing live set.
Check it out!

February 16th  '2012
Answerman rocks the air waves. Answerman got some sweet airplay on Boston Emmissions last Sunday.

January 11th '2012
Answerman tears it up at TTs. The DIG takes notice.
The band was jacked to be playing at this legendary venue - we've all seen SOOOO many great bands here...giants we say, GIANTS. Oh, and The Boston DIG seemed to like us, too.  Check out our mention.

January '2012
Our newest tune goes onto the chopping block.
"Without making any preludes or hints or any sort of tricky allusions, Answerman’s “In The Trees” walks right in the door and socks you in the mouth..." Check out the entire song review here.

December '2011
Boston Band Crush reviews our shit.
"This song struts out of the speakers and right into your face with a self-righteous swagger that is forceful and to the point." Check out the entire song review here.

Upcoming Shows 2015

Thursday, April 2nd
TT The Bears
Cambridge, MA

with The Ungraded, The Swindlers and Transdusk


April 20th
Patriots Day
Benefit Wounded Warrior
Obrien's Pub
Allston, MA
with Today Jr., OTP and Back Alley Ramblers



Friday, December 12th
Davis Square Theater. Somerville, MA

The Daley Grimes

Friday, November 14th PA's Lounge, Union Sq. Somerville, MA
with, The Safes, The Grubs, Miracle Blood

Friday, October 17th

PA's Lounge, Union Sq. Somerville, MA

Friday, August 22th
Jacques Cabaret, Boston

Friday,  June 13, 10pm, O'Brien's Pub, Allston, MA

Sunday, May 4, 9pm, TT The Bears Place, Cambridge, MA

Wednesday, April 30, 9pm, Milky Way Lounge, Jamaica Plain, MA

Wednesday, April 16, Doors at 8pm, Church, Boston, MA

Friday, March 28, 10pm, Club Bohemia, Cambridge, MA

Saturday, February 22, 9:30pm, Sally O'Brien's, Somerville, MA

Wednesday, January 29th. TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA



Sunday, December 1st. Precinct, Somerville, MA

Friday, November 29th. Club Bohemia, Cambridge, MA

Friday, October 11th. Ralph's Diner, Worcester

Wednesday, September 25th. O'Brien's Pub, Allston

Friday, September 13th. Jaques Cabaret, Boston

Wednesday, September 11th. McGann's Pub, Boston

Friday, August 9th. McGann's Pub, Boston

Monday, July 8th. Precinct, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 22th. Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, Boston
Go to FB event page

Wednesday, May 29th. PA's Lounge, Union Square, Somerville, MA

Friday, May 24th. Ralphs Diner Worcester, MA

Thursday,  April 11th. Rosebud Bar and Grill, Somerville

Saturday February 23rd. The Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester, MA
Check out the event page

Friday February 15th.
JJs Bar and Grill Northboro, MA
Benefit for Sandy Hook
Check out the event page


Saturday, Dec. 22
Facebook Event Page

The Midway Cafe
Tuesday, Nov. 27

Club Bohemia at The Cantab. Saturday, Nov. 10

All Asia
Saturday, Oct 27

PA's Lounge
Friday, Sept. 28

Thursday, Sept. 06

Club Bohemia at The Cantab. Saturday, August 18th.

PA's Lounge
Friday, July 12th.

Club Bohemia at The Cantab. Friday, June 7th
Facebook Event Page

All Asia
Friday, April 6th

Rosebud Bar and Grill Saturday, March 3.  Davis Square, Somerville.
Here is the event page.

TT The Bears
Wednesday, Jan. 11


Friday, Nov. 4th
McGann's Pub, Boston MA

Friday, August 25th. McGann's Pub, Boston

Thursday June 9th
Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA

The Way You Want (EP)
Listen Now

Jungle Seed.

Don't Fall (EP)


Booking Answerman.

Who is Answerman?
Boston's energetic post punk rockers Answerman feature Sam Pitino and Thomas Keddy (formerly of Ghost Radar), Walt Enright who spent his formative years managing bands in Boston's emerging indie rock scene, and punk veteran Tom Murphy who cut his teeth injecting his CBGB roots into local basement bands. The foursome were playing out in local cover bands, including a Black Sabbath tribute called lack Sabbath?, until they joined forces in mid 2011 to form Answerman. In late 2012 they released the four track demo EP Don't Fall, which introduced their brand of thick psychedelia and surfy dream pop. The EP garnered local attention right away, including local song reviews, and a live radio debut on Boston's Unregular Radio and on-air rock station WZLX. The band followed up that August with their single Jungle Seed and continued playing out at every opportunity. Their newest EP, The Way You Want, finds the four coloring outside the lines of their collective overlapping influences through their prefered medium of 60s inspired psychedelia and sweeping post punk.